When I Wished Upon A Star: From Broken Homes to Mended Hearts

By Brandon Lane Phillips and Jeremy Miller

Having grown up in a broken home and with a congenital heart defect, Brandon Lane Phillips often questioned what God's plan for him was. Feeling alone and desperate for answers, Phillips prayed for God to show him a sign that He did indeed love him.

Soon after, Phillips got the opportunity of a lifetime; he was going to meet Jeremy Miller, an actor on his favorite TV show, Growing Pains. Phillips never missed an episode and longed for the life Miller's character, Ben Seaver, had. He didn't realize it at the time, but he later recognized that the day on set with Jeremy and his co-star Kirk Cameron was an answer to his prayer.

Meeting Miller and his castmates is just one of several God-ordained coincidences that Phillips shares in When I Wished Upon A Star that would shape and encourage Phillips through several obstacles he would face during his life.

Though both Cameron and Miller played important roles in Phillips' life, Miller faced his own struggles as a child star growing up in a broken home. In the book, Miller opens up about growing up with a similar home life to Phillips and how the end of Growing Pains was almost the end of him. He shares about his battle with alcohol and how Phillips helped in overcoming the obstacles he faced.

When I Wished Upon a Star is the inspiring story of how God strategically placed two friends in each other's lives at the moment they needed each other the most, finding their God-given purpose and empowering them to use their experiences to help others through their struggles.


Brandon Lane Phillips is a pediatric cardiologist who was born with a congenital heart defect. He received portions of his medical training from the very physicians who treated him. He serves on the Board of Trustees for the Starlight Children's Foundation.

Jeremy Miller is an American actor and chef best known for his portrayal of Ben Seaver on the TV show Growing Pains. Jeremy struggled with alcoholism and was helped by the BioCorRx Recovery Program. Jeremy now mentors others in the program while continuing to pursue his passions for acting and cooking.